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Playing Cards in a Hurricane

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An enthralling sailing adventure describing a mad and dangerous attempt by three men, to deliver a small yacht across 3,800 miles of ocean from Tortola in the Caribbean, across the Atlantic and through the Mediterranean to Corfu.

Kezia, a 35’ yacht, is barely seaworthy and in such poor condition, that it is towed into nearly every port that it tries to call into, from the Azores in the North Atlantic, to Corfu in Greece.

This is the real-life story of a novice sailor, enduring sunstroke, near drowning, exhaustion, a fire on-board and starvation when the supplies run out. This is punctuated by bouts of hilarity and bizarre incidents, such as playing cards whilst a hurricane rages around the boat, being buzzed by a very low-flying RAF jet and a one-man mutiny by the skipper.

Most importantly, it is a tale of the companionship of three men facing a deadly challenge.

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Language: English
Print length: 198 pages

Reviews (22)

five star rating

I typically read three books per month, all non-fiction. This book is one of the best I’ve read in a long, long time. He writes simply and effectively with a good dose of humour. You may have no interest in sailing or the sea – reading this book will change that.

David H, 6 December 2022

five star rating

All ok! Thanks

paolo, 6 December 2022

four star rating

Cover 3/5

Good read . Confirms case for being an armchair sailor!

Irenka, 7 December 2022

four star rating

Its a slow build up tension wise, which Im sure will get more so, as I advance through the book. At the moment I am only halfway through, but I will finish it. Its not a book I would normally read, but I am surprised at how much I am enjoying it. Unusually for me I am am also enjoying the fact that its based on real life. I would recommend this book.

Di, 8 December 2022

five star rating

Brilliant story, im glad there wasnt tooo much description of the sailing terms, there didnt need to be

L Collins, 8 December 2022

five star rating

It’s a gripping read that I couldn’t put down !! Suitable for anyone to read. I’m looking forward to any other adventures the author may have had which he cares to write about, in the not too distant future.

Sarah C, 9 December 2022

four star rating

Good story telling, well written. Feels like the reader is on the journey alongside him.

Sue F., 12 December 2022

five star rating

What a fantastic read I must say.
I enjoyed from beginning to end 5star
A must read

Helen T, 12 December 2022

five star rating

What a talent in explaining every single detail.

I felt excited, tired and cold reading it.

I throughly enjoy it. It was an ‘adventure’ reading this book. It has a lot of sailing terms that I had to google it, but after few pages I got the idea.

JohnT, 12 December 2022

five star rating

hard to put the book down. Best of all it’s a real adventure. What really sets “Playing Cards in a Hurricane” apart is his vivid writing. The descriptions of the storms, the yacht, and the crew are so detailed and well-written that readers feel like they are right there with him, experiencing every moment of the journey.

David, 14 December 2022

five star rating

This is an amazing read even for the non sailors among us. 5 stars !

J.D. B, 15 December 2022

five star rating

This book was a real wild card for me. Not the kind of book I usually read. But I absolutely loved it and was gripped by the human story

Stevebo, 17 December 2022

five star rating

Excellent book , I am a keen sailor but if I wasn’t I would still find this book a great read.

Antony Hastings, 20 December 2022

five star rating

Great factual account about the trials and tribulations faced by real adventurers of the sea. Excellent read and highly recommended.

Camden, 23 December 2022

five star rating

Couldn’t put it dowm.

Ryder, 27 December 2022

four star rating

I found this book very interesting as they sailed many places I know well. Being ripped off by dodgy Italians was amusing and a lesson to be learned anywhere in the world.

Sinc, 28 December 2022

three star rating

Pretty good tale of adventure and daring a great story.

Pete Coakley, 29 December 2022

five star rating

Well written ,very entertaining,wished I could be there to share the experience.The kind of book you don’t want to put down!

Gina, 29 December 2022

four star rating

I enjoyed reading this book. I was able to relate to a lot of my own experiences whilst cruising.

Sailor, 30 December 2022

five star rating

An excellent read to the point I read nearly all of it in one sitting. A compelling tale of a novice sailor literally going in at the deep end on an adventure many people would dream of but few would have the guile to do. A great read and highly recommended.

NT, 31 December 2022

four star rating

A good read – cracks along at a good pace and OK for any reader who doesn’t know anything about sailing!

Colin Sandler, 02 January 2023

five star rating

Matt Carney

“Playing Cards in a Hurricane” is a gripping and heart-pounding tale of a journey across the treacherous North Atlantic. Robert Oliver, a novice sailor, embarks on his first sailing adventure as he joins a yacht delivery team, braving severe storms and battling against the elements in a race against time.

He expertly captures the intense and often dangerous world of yacht delivery, immersing readers in the high-stakes world of sailing. From the moment Robert sets foot on the yacht, we are drawn into his journey, cheering him on as he faces one challenge after another.

But “Playing Cards in a Hurricane” is more than just a thrilling adventure story. It is also a deeply moving tale of personal growth and self-discovery, as Robert grapples with his own fears and insecurities and learns to rely on the strength and support of those around him.

Overall, “Playing Cards in a Hurricane” is a must-read for sailing enthusiasts and anyone who loves a good adventure story.

Matt Carney, 14 January 2023